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Product Description

Multi-Purpose Self-Adherent Cohesive Bandage  VetSet WrapTec is an effective self-adherent cohesive bandage used to firmly support strains and fractures, protect wounds and keep dressings in place. WarpTec bandages allows pressure to be applied without compromising circulation to fit snugly around contours and accommodate movement without loosening making it them a popular and economical choice for the support bandages and routine dressings.  
Strong – self-adherent bandage.Controlled compression – will not over tighten Apply pressure without compromising circulation.Allows movement.Doesn’t stick to hair.Water resistant.Easy to use.Cost effective.
 Use for:
Leg support, dressing fixation, tail wrapping, hoof wrapping, poulticing and more.Easy application, hard tear, sweat and water resistant.Veterinary quality –  as used by professionals.
 Available in: 50mm width
 75mm width
 100mm width

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